Steyr AUG A1 5.56mm NATO Transferable Machine Gun


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This Chester County Armory listing is for a beautiful condition Steyr AUG A1 5.56mm NATO transferable machine gun.

First designed in the 1960’s and one of the few bullpup designed machine guns, the Steyr AUG was conceived as a universal firearm platform that would allow a singular receiver to adapt to an assault rifle, carbine, light machine gun, and submachine gun, to be configured as necessary by the user with only minor changes. Even the model name AUG is an acronym for the German “Armee-Universal-Gewehr,” meaning army universal rifle.

The model was originally built in Austria as a semi-automatic A1 rifle and imported into the US through Interarms in Alexandria, VA. It was then converted and registered as a transferable NFA machine gun by renowned Class 3 gunsmith Bill Fleming. This weapon is a registered receiver model, with Fleming providing all of the conversion work on the weapon. This model has not been altered since Fleming’s conversion. This fantastic gun features the 20″ military rifle barrel with the bayonet lug in its classic bullpup design, along with its original 1.5X Swarovski factory optic integrated into the receiver. The optic features the black ring reticle that the AUG’s were known for.

This weapon is in overall excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. Mechanically, this weapon functions flawlessly with standard 5.56mm NATO spec ammunition. The internals note very little wear. The bolt and bolt carrier are in excellent condition, with no noted concerns and only minor wear observed on the top of the bolt carrier. The barrel remains bright and shiny with crisp, clean rifling. Cosmetically, this model is also in excellent condition. Both the metal and the polymer note only minor handling marks in the exterior finish, and no dents, dings, cracks, malformations, etc. The receiver has some small operational marks in the finish where the charging makes contact with the receiver while being charged, but nothing that is more than is typically caused by normal physical operation of the weapon. The optic remains clean and extremely clear, typical of what you would expect from a scope made by Swarovski Optics.

This gorgeous transferable Steyr AUG A1 machine gun is currently on an eForm-capable Form 3 for fast and easy transfer. The current Form 3 lists “Steyr Werke AG” as the manufacturer and “AUG” as the model. 


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    This Chester County Armory listing is for an Austrian Steyr AUG A1 5.56mm NATO transferable registered receiver machine gun. This model is currently in-stock, in our possession,  and available for purchase on a Form 3. Please call us at 610-235-6155 to purchase or for additional information on this item.


    Steyr Werke AG / Fleming Firearms




    5.56mm NATO


    Gas Operated, Rotating Bolt

    Barrel Length



    7.9 lbs