Colt CGL-4 / XM148 40mm Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher for an M16 Rifle, New/Unfired Condition, Destructive Device


Status: In-Stock / Please Call to Purchase

This Chester County listing is for an extremely rare, new, unfired, in the factory original box, Colt XM148/CGL-4 40mm grenade launcher, NFA registered Destructive Device.

Rare in all configurations, this XM148 has never been fired, and only out of the box for pictures. It is marked with Colt’s original CGl-4 (Colt Grenade Launcher) stamping on the receiver. This item is in excellent, unfired, museum quality condition. We received this item directly from former Colt executive John Keosayian’s personal collection.

The launcher comes with its original box and packaging, mounting clamp and heat shield assembly, M16 hand guard, and sight.

This NFA registered Destructive Device is currently on a Form 3 for easy transfer.

Individuals: prior to purchase, please make sure your Class 3 FFL/SOT dealer can accept a Destructive Device transfer. Under ATF rules, Type 01, Type 02, and Type 07 dealers may only accept two DD transfer’s per SOT year. An acknowledgement letter from these types of FFL/SOT dealers will be required to process a transfer. Type 09 and Type 10 FFL/SOT dealers are exempt from this requirement.

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    CGL-4 / XM148




    Single Shot


    Matte Black