I.M.I. Mini Uzi 9mm Parabellum Transferable Submachine Gun


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This Chester County Armory listing is for an Israel Military Industries (I.M.I.) Mini Uzi 9mm Parabellum transferable registered bolt submachine gun.

First introduced in 1980, the IMI Mini Uzi was the first attempt to shrink the size of the venerable Uzi SMG platform into a smaller, faster, lighter, and, in turn, more clandestine version. IMI didn’t reinvent the wheel here, but basically improved on Uzi Galil’s already fabulous platform by simply shortening the barrel length, and shrinking the overall length of the weapon. The shortened upper, of course, necessitated the use of shortened, lighter bolt. This change then increased the cyclic firing rate of the Mini Uzi up to about 950rds per minute from the 600rd threshold of the full-size model.

This iconic Uzi model consists of a transferable B&G Machine Uzi SMG full-auto bolt setup in an original Action Arms of Philadelphia imported IMI Mini Uzi 9x19mm rifle.  The lower features “A, F, and S” marked fire controls, for full-automatic, semi-automatic, and safe selections, respectively. The registered Uzi SMG bolt completely retains its feet and the trunnion of the host rifle has been relieved appropriately for function. This model retains the barrel restrictor ring but has had an original IMI ported Mini Uzi barrel installed by having the breech of the barrel properly turned down to fit the restrictor ring.

Overall, this weapon is in very good to excellent condition. Mechanically, the weapon notes little wear from firing use. The internals are solid and clean. The B&G bolt notes only minor finish wear at the metal-to-metal contact points, and both the bolt face and the bore remain crisp and clean. The fire control internals are clean and solid. Rifling on the bore also remains bright and shiny.

Cosmetically, this gun appears to be in good to very good condition, with the original exterior matte black finish noting cosmetic handling and use surface marks, but no dents, dings, cracks, gouges, malformations, etc., in the metalwork. All handling and storage marks noted appear to be only cosmetic in nature, and are not of any functional concern.

This fully transferable submachine gun is currently on a Form 3 for easy eForm transfer. The current NFA paperwork lists “Form 2 Registration” as the manufacturer of this machine gun and “UZI” as the model.




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    This Chester County Armory listing is for an IMI Mini Uzi 9x19mm NATO SMG built using a registered B&G Machine Uzi SMG bolt. This item is an NFA-registered, fully transferable machine gun. This model is currently in-stock, in our possession,  and available for purchase on a Form 3. Please call us at 610-235-6155 to purchase or for additional information on this item


    Israeli Military Industries / B&G Machine


    Mini Uzi


    9x19mm NATO


    Blowback, Open Bolt

    Barrel Length



    Matte Black