Sigarms SAN SG 552-SP Commando 5.56mm NATO Semi-Automatic Short Barrel Rifle, FFL Dealer Sample Only


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This Chester County Armory listing is for a rare, all Swiss factory-made, SIGARMS SAN SG 552-2 SP Commando short barreled semi-automatic rifle in .223 rem. This model has been imported as and is available for transfer only as a Dealer Sample. BATFE has determined in its current configuration, that this rifle has “non-sporting purpose” under U.S. law.  This model is only available to valid Class 3 FFL/SOT holders as a sales sample and may not be transferred to an individual. These weapons are treated the same as Pre-May Dealer machine guns, and no Law Letter is needed for transfer.

This semi-automatic, short barrel rifle is in great overall condition. Mechanically, it is in excellent condition, with only limited wear noted on the internals. The bore is bright and shiny, and the rifling remains crisp and clean.

Cosmetically, the gun is in very good condition, with minor handling marks and chips noted in the factory paint. This model has been fired and features the tell-tale wear on the receiver where brass has deflected and chipped the paint on the receiver, as is commonly seen on every fired version of the SG 551/552/553 series.

This model SG 552 features the 8.9″ Commando barrel, a flip-up front tritium night sight, rear diopter sights, and three rail sections. The tritium inserts in the sights have mostly expired due to age. This weapon is also marked “Restricted for Law Enforcement/Government Use and/or Export Only.”

This “non-sporting purpose” imported weapon is available for purchase by valid Class 3 FFL/SOT Dealers only and may not be transferred to an individual. It is currently on an e-File capable Form 3.

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    Sigarms SAN


    SG 552-2 SP Commando


    5.56mm NATO


    Gas Operated, Rotating Bolt

    Barrel Length



    7.1 lbs


    Matte Black