FN FN40GL-S 40mm Grenade Launcher, Transferable Destructive Device


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This Chester County Armory listing is for an extremely rare as a fully transferable destructive device model, original FN Belgium factory-built FN FN40GL-S 40x46mm NATO stand-alone grenade launcher.

Rarely seen in the US as transferable to an individual and not a Dealer Only Sample, this FN40GL-S was originally imported directly by FN to a law enforcement agency, allowing it under ATF rules and federal law to be transferred to an individual for private ownership after the agency was finished with it. This model is in the same configuration as when it left the FN factory and is an original condition weapon, and is not a reweld, reactivated, or re-registered model.

The FN40GL was originally designed by FN as a 40mm grenade launcher capable of complimenting FN’s SCAR weapon system as an under barrel mount grenade launcher. By switching trigger units on it,  the FN40GL can be mounted on either the SCAR-L platforms, the SCAR-S models, or used as a stand alone unit with a corresponding chassis system. This particular model is set up as the stand alone version, and it does not include the trigger units necessary for the other mounting systems.  Purchase does include the attached forward and rear sights that are pictured on the weapon.

Mechanically, this weapon is in fantastic, like new condition, with all operational mechanisms performing appropriately. The metalwork is solid, with no cracks, dents, dings, malformations, or scratches. The chamber face is solid with a well defined firing pin. The barrel rifling is clean and crisp, with squared off lands and grooves noted.  The action is smooth and the stock mechanism extends and locks appropriately. This model appears to have been fired very little, if at all.

Cosmetically, this model is also in like new condition. Both the metalwork and the polymer furniture note very few handling marks, and the weapon appears overall as if it has not been used. The front of the weapon still has the original FN model designation stickers on the weapon, which are designed to be removed prior to actual use. These stickers are slightly peeling on the edges, however.

The transferable destructive device is currently on an eForm-capable Form 3 that lists the manufacturer as “FN (Herstal)” and the model as “FN40GL.”



Individuals: prior to purchase, please make sure your Class 3 FFL/SOT dealer can accept a Destructive Device transfer. Under ATF rules, Type 01, Type 02, and Type 07 dealers may only accept two DD transfer’s per SOT year. An acknowledgement letter from these types of FFL/SOT dealers will be required to process a transfer. Type 09 and Type 10 FFL/SOT dealers are exempt from this requirement.

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    This Chester County Armory sale listing is for a rare factory-made FN FN40GL-S 40x46mm NATO stand alone grenade launcher.  This item is an NFA fully transferable registered Destructive Device. This model is currently in-stock, in our possession, and available for purchase on a Form 3. Please call us at 610-235-6155 to purchase or for additional information on this item.


    FN (Herstal)





    Barrel Length



    5.92 lbs


    Flat Dark Earth