Colt M16A2 LMG Light Machine Gun 5.56mm NATO Factory Transferable Machine Gun w/ Rare Experimental Serial Number


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This Chester County Armory listing is for a very rare, factory experimental version Colt M16A2 LMG 5.56mm NATO transferable light machine gun.

Also known as the Colt Automatic Rifle (CAR), this is a rare, early Colt factory produced Colt M16A2 LMG that features an rare “X” marked serial number from Colt. “X” marked number typically indicate Colt experimental production versions, that were the first models designated for testing and evaluation. This model features a factory added L.M.G. marking from Colt to the M16 receiver, and features the open bolt, two-position fire controls (SAFE and FIRE (full auto)), and hydraulic buffer and spring that the Colt Automatic Rifle / LMG was known for.  The lower receiver is marked Colt Firearms Division, Colt Industries. The upper features a “C M” marked A2 fixed handle upper receiver with no forward assist, as well as the Diemaco marked barrel as production was a joint venture of Colt and Diemaco at that time.  

This transferable machine gun is in overall excellent condition. Mechanically, the metalwork notes no dents, dings, gouges, cracks, or malformations. The open bolt group displays minor finish wear. The bore and chamber remain crisp and clean with solid, well-defined rifling. The fire control group is in very good physical condition, with only minor finish wear noted on the sear and hammer group. The polymer furniture is also in overall excellent condition, with one scratch noted on the top of the right side of the handguard that is only surface deep.

Cosmetically, this weapon is also in overall very good condition. There is some minor finish wear noted in the parkerization of the lower receiver, specifically on the right side of the weapon where it appears oil has darkened a section of the receiver. The upper receiver, barrel, and furniture all remain in excellent condition with only minor handling marks of note.

Purchase of this model will also include an original Colt factory LMG box, a Colt Automatic Rifle Operator’s Manual, and an operator’s pack that features an Colt M16A2 LMG operator’s field manual, two 30rd magazines, Colt bore and chamber brush, field cleaning rod and pouch, cleaning brush, and mil-spec oil bottle.

This rare, experimental version of the Colt M16A2 LMG is fully transferable and currently on a Form 3. The current Form 3 lists “Colt Industries / Firearms Division ” as the manufacturer and “M16” as the model. 


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    This Chester County Armory listing is for a Colt factory made and registered M16A2 LMG 5.56mm NATO transferable machine gun. This model is currently in-stock, in our possession,  and available for purchase on a Form 3. Please call us at 610-235-6155 to purchase or for additional information on this item.




    M16 LMG


    5.56mm NATO


    Gas Operated, Rotating Bolt

    Barrel Length



    Colt Anodized Gray