Colt Factory Original ACR (Advanced Combat Rifle) 8-Position Telescoping Rifle Stock and Buffer Tube


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This Chester County Armory listing is for an original, Colt factory production eight position telescoping rifle stock and buffer tube, originally made for the Colt ACR (Advanced Combat Rifle).

The ACR was Colt’s entry into the Department of Defense’s ACR program in the 1980’s. Based off the M16A2, it was designed to fire Olin Corporation’s new (at the time) joint collaboration 5.56mm duplex round, as well as standard 5.56mm NATO loadings. Unfortunately for Colt, the DoD ultimately decided against their offering, as there wasn’t a large enough advantage to dismiss the venerable M16 in order to make way for the ACR.

This stock and buffer tube are in new, never mounted condition. It comes with the factory stock, itself, and an original Colt eight position rifle buffer tube, The included buffer tube DOES NOT include a castle nut or an end plate, however, the ACR uses the same castle nuts and end plates as the M16/AR15 series of firearms.

This stock and buffer tube set will also work on all mil-spec AR15 and M16 receivers.



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    ACR / M16A2


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