Pearl Manufacturing / M6 Management Corp. UC-9 9mm Under Cover Foldable Transferable Submachine Gun, aka “The Radio Gun”


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This Chester County Armory listing is for a spectacular, like-new condition Pearl Manufacturing / M6 Management Corp. UC-9 9x19mm NATO foldable transferable submachine gun in its factory red finish.

Affectionally nicknamed “The Radio Gun” after it was proudly disguised as a transistor radio that unfolded into a usable machine gun in the 1990 movie Robocop II by a character, the Pearl UC-9 folding machine gun is a rather unique weapon in the NFA world. Built to fire from a modified Uzi SMG open bolt and utilizing Uzi magazines, the UC-9 was originally the brainchild of Utah Connor. Very few of these were completed and offered for sale as the Model 21 by a partnership between Connor with Pearl Manufacturing and Tim Bixler of SCRC. However, prior to the 1986 cutoff, Connor had also registered somewhat less than 100 receivers at Pearl Manufacturing for firearms they intended to complete at a later date. Unfortunately, the project was not completely seen through until after Connor’s passing and the receivers were acquired by Michael Shyne of M6 Management Corp. Shyne completed the Pearl models and further modernized them by incorporating a Lasermax sighting system that was integrated into the charging handle of the weapon, which finally allowed for a quick sight acquisition without any clumsy physical additions.

This particular model was finished in red by M6, and comes with it’s original M6 accessories, Lasermax sight, 32rd magazine, owner’s manual, fitted hard case, and endcaps. The endcaps are a unique piece of the weapon, allowing the weapon to unfold quickly and can even be thrown or discarded by the operator as a distraction device, if necessary.  One of the endcaps included was finished in red by M6 to match the weapon. The remaining ones are finished in black. Purchase of this model will also include a copy of the January 2012 Small Arms Review magazine which features an article by Jeff Zimba titled UC-9: SMG Hidden in Plain Sight. 

Overall this model is in like-new condition. It appears to have a been fired very little, if at all. The internals note no wear or marks of concern. Cosmetically, the painted areas note some minor finish wear at the pinch points of the folding mechanism, but nothing that is not commonly seen on all UC-9’s due to the physical nature of the metal-to-metal contact points of it’s folding design.

This model is currently on an eForm capable Form 3 for fast and easy transfer. The current NFA paperwork lists “Pearl Manufacturing” as the manufacturer and “UC-9” as the model.


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    This Chester County Armory listing is for a Pearl Manufacturing / M6 Management Corp. UC-9 9mm fold-up transferable submachine gun.  This model is currently in-stock, in our possession,  and available for purchase on a Form 3. Please call us at 610-235-6155 to purchase or for additional information on this item


    Pearl Manufacturing / M6 Management Corp.




    9x19mm NATO


    Blowback, Open Bolt

    Barrel Length