Daewoo Precision Industries Model K2 5.56mm NATO Transferable Machine Gun


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This Chester County Armory listing is for South Korean Daewoo Precision Industries Model K2 5.56mm NATO transferable machine gun.

Seldom seen in the U.S. as a transferable machine gun, the K2 is the standard service rifle of the South Korean Military. Developed by South Korea’s Agency of Defense for this purpose, the K2 design is basically a mating of an AKM with an M16. The gas-operated, short-stroke piston is based off the AKM, while the magazine, bolt, and parts of the fire control group are interchangeable with that of an M16. Other parts, like the bolt carrier, are decidedly their own system.

This particular model K2 was imported by Stoeger Industries in Hackensack, NJ as as semi-automatic version,  and then converted to a select-fire machine gun. It is identified on its current ATF Form 3 as having been manufactured as a “Form 2 Registration.” . It features its original factory side-folding stock, open rifle sights with a picatinny-style optics rail, and an 18.3″ length rifle barrel.

Overall, this Daewoo K2 transferable machine gun is in great overall condition. Mechanically, the metalwork is in excellent solid condition, with no cracks, malformations, etc.. The internal fire controls show minor wear use of a cosmetic fashion, but controls are clean and solid. The bolt assembly is also in excellent condition with only minor wear markings. The piston is excellent, with no build-up or wear concerns noted. The bolt carrier shows some minor surface wear of the parkerization, but nothing more than cosmetic in nature. The bore of the weapon is still bright and shiny with crisp, clean rifling and well-defined lands and grooves.

Cosmetically, the weapon is in overall good condition. The barrel assembly, upper, and furniture are all in excellent cosmetic condition. The lower receiver displays some minor use and handling marks in the metalwork, however, the weapon does not note any cracks, dents, dings, etc., or anything that would be of concern for functionality or longevity of the weapon. 

This rarely seen machine gun is fully transferable and currently available on a Form 3. 

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