TRW 1961 USGI M14 7.62x51mm NATO Re-weld Transferable Machine Gun


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This Chester County Armory listing is for a fantastic condition TRW USGI M14 7.62x51mm NATO select-fire rewelded transferable machine gun.

This former US Military-supplied machine gun was originally first manufactured by TRW (Thompson Ramo-Woolridge) in 1961, as indicated by its serial number. TRW was a major US military subcontractor who (along with H&R and Winchester) was the final production company awarded a contract for the M14 battle rifle by the US Military in 1961 to help supplement the US Armory and Arsenal at Springfield’s production of the M14.   This machine gun is a re-weld model that was decommissioned by the US Military, receiver cut, and then professionally re-welded, restored, and re-registered.

Overall, this weapon is in spectacular mechanical and cosmetic condition. The gunsmithing reweld is impeccable and one of the finest we have ever seen. The reweld is almost unnoticeable,  except to the expert eye. This model has recently been fully inspected and function tested by renowned gunsmith Mike Friend of Firing Line in Wyandotte, OK to verify that it is fully operational and of a safe and reliable construction, suitable for both firing and investment purposes.

The receiver metalwork displays no dents, dings, gouges, cracks, malformations, etc. and only limited handling marks in the exterior finish, most notably on the top of the protective ears of the rear sight. The bolt face is clean and well defined with only minor finish wear noted on the locking lugs. The bolt and receiver display only minor wear in the parkerization, mostly at the metal-to-metal contact points of the operating rod, bolt, and receiver.  The fire controls and trigger mechanism are in fantastic condition. The barrel rifling remains clean and crisp, with well-delineated lands and grooves. The barrel and gas assembly note only minor handling marks in the exterior parkerization. We have test fired this weapon, and it functions flawlessly with standard, SAMMI spec 7.62×51 ball ammunition.

Cosmetically, the metalwork displays only slight handling and use marks in its exterior finish. There is a small amount of discoloration on the inside of the original factory flash suppressor. The factory-correct TRW walnut stock is in absolutely magnificent condition with a very eye-pleasing striping to the wood noted. The stock notes only very minor surface markings, but no dents, dings, cracks, chips, or even indentations of any kind. Both the Department of Defense cartouche on the left side of the stock and the circle P proof mark on the grip are extremely well-defined, and note no degradation whatsoever.

This beautiful transferable machine gun is a wonderful investment-grade and shooter friendly specimen.  The current Form 3 lists “Form 2 Registration” as the manufacturer of this weapon and “M14” as the model.

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    This Chester County Armory sale listing is for a factory G.I. M14 7.62x51mm NATO transferable machine gun made by TRW for the US Military.  This model is a re-weld and reactivated version that was decommissioned and cut, and then professionally restored by a skilled gunsmith. This weapon is currently in-stock, in our possession,  and available for purchase on a Form 3. Please call us at 610-235-6155 to purchase or for additional information on this item.


    Thompson Ramo-Woolridge (TRW)




    7.62x51mm NATO


    Gas Operated, Rotating Bolt

    Barrel Length



    9 lbs, 2 oz