Heckler & Koch HK33K A2 5.56mm NATO Semi-Automatic Short Barrel Rifle, Sear Ready


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This Chester County Armory listing is for Heckler & Koch 33K 5.56mm semi-automatic short barrel rifle.

It’s hard enough to get a Heckler & Koch weapon that has been worked on by one of the top HK gunsmiths in the country, but this fantastic rifle has had the pleasure of being gone over by TWO of the best in the country!

Created using an HK 93 receiver and an original 33k parts kit, this weapon was originally crafted by famed HK gunsmith Terry Dyer (along with a transferable Fleming sear that it was originally married to, but has since been divorced from). The former host was then turned into a semi-automatic rifle and NFA registered as an SBR by RDTS Manufacturing.

This beautiful semi-automatic specimen is sear-ready with an original H&K full-auto bolt carrier group installed. It features the 33k’s 13.1” H&K factory made barrel, along with a paddle magazine release, rear diopter sight, and an HK slimline 33k forend. The receiver has been correctly restamped to HK 33K.

This carbine model also features an original 33 A2 stock. The semi-automatic trigger group was put together by RDTS and installed in its original 33k 0-1-25 molded trigger housing that has been correctly clipped and pinned for the receiver shelf.

This short barrel rifle is in fantastic condition both mechanically and cosmetically. The bolt carrier group notes very little wear and the bore is bright and shiny, with crisp and clean rifling. The exterior finish of the rifle is excellent, with only one very minor handling mark noted on the right side of the receiver just below the rear sight, that does not penetrate the finish.

This NFA registered short barrel rifle is currently on a Form 3 that lists “RDTS MFG” as the manufacturer and “33k” as the model.


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    Heckler & Koch / T. Dyer / RDTS




    5.56mm NATO


    Roller-Delayed Blowback, Closed Bolt

    Barrel Length



    7.9 lbs


    H&K Black