Heckler & Koch HK33E A2 5.56mm NATO 4-Position Pre May Dealer Sample Machine Gun


Status: In-Stock / Please Call to Purchase

This Chester County Armory listing is for a German-factory constructed Heckler & Koch HK33E A2 5.56mm NATO Pre-May Dealer Sample Only machine gun.

The HK33E is the German “made for export” upgraded model of the HK33. HK33E versions were first produced in 1985, so very few made it into the US as dealer samples due to the the 1986 cutoff. Very similar to the standard production model HK33, the E version sports some minor upgrades, including support for the folding bipod assembly, as well as a reinforced stock. This 15.4″ barreled weapon is German factory-made weapon, so it sports the original double push pin design, and is equipped with a factory 4-position Navy style trigger group that notes safe, semi, three round burst, and full-auto controls. This is an A2 model with a fixed rifle stock and it also includes the folding bipod assembly.

Overall, this weapon is in excellent mechanical condition, with virtually no wear on the internals noted.  The exterior metalwork is solidly intact, with no dents, dings, cracks, etc. of any functional or structural concerns. Cosmetically, this weapon appears lik-new in appearance, with an exterior black finish that is in absolutely beautiful condition, with no noted handling or use marks. The polymer furniture is also in excellent condition, with only minor marks from handling and use noted.

This Pre-May 1986 Dealer Sample Only machine gun is available for purchase by Class 3 FFL/SOT holders only. It will come with one 25 round original factory H&K magazine. This model is a “keeper” gun, that may be retained by a licensee upon surrender of their FFL license. It is currently on a Form 3.

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    This Chester County Armory sale listing is for an all-German, factory-made Heckler & Koch Model HK33E 5.56mm NATO Pre-May Dealer Sample Only machine gun. This weapon is currently in-stock, in our possession,  and available for purchase on a Form 3. Please call us at 610-235-6155 to purchase or for additional information on this item.


    Heckler & Koch




    5.56mm NATO


    Roller-Delayed Blowback, Closed Bolt

    Barrel Length



    8.1 lbs


    H&K Black