Heckler & Koch G3K Front Push Pin 7.62x51mm NATO Transferable Four Position Machine Gun


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This Chester County Armory listing is for a beautiful condition Heckler & Koch G3K 7.62x51mm NATO transferable front push pin machine gun.

Converted and registered by James Barr using an original H&K 91 receiver, this amazing condition G3K is a registered receiver transferable machine gun that was created using an original Heckler and Koch front push pin configuration. Because this weapon was built using a front push pin (or triple push pin, depending on your nomenclature preference), this model is capable of utilizing all H&K original factory machine gun packs and housings. It currently displays a modern four position ambidextrous pack with extended selector controls.

This G3K transferable machine gun model features safe, semi-auto, three round burst, and full-auto operations.  This G3K is also setup as a German Army designated G3KA4A1 design, not only by the addition of its shorter, 12.5″ “K” length H&K factory barrel and retractable stock, but also the addition of the polymer grip assembly, ambidextrous trigger group, and installed brass deflector. It has also been correctly remarked as a G3K model and utilizes a non-modified, original H&K full-auto bolt and carrier assembly.

This transferable machine gun is in wonderful mechanical and cosmetic condition, and remains one of the nicest G3k variants we have ever had! Mechanically, the weapon shows very little use. The internals display limited wear and the barrel rifling is crisp and clean, with a bright and shiny bore, and well-defined lands and grooves. The metalwork notes no discernible mechanical flaws. Cosmetically, the matte black finish is excellent, with only minor handling marks observable. The polymer furniture is also excellent and notes no dings or nicks. The only visible flaw in the metalwork is the small marking where a scope mount was installed and removed, leaving a small mark (see photos). Otherwise, this weapon is in overall amazing condition.

This fantastic, collector-grade, transferable machine gun is currently on an eForms-capable Form 3 that lists “James I. Barr” as the manufacturer and “G3K” as the model.



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    Heckler & Koch / James Barr




    7.62x51mm NATO


    Roller-Delayed Blowback, Closed Bolt


    Matte Black