FN/Inglis Browning Hi-Power Mk 1* 9x19mm NATO Transferable Machine Pistol


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This Chester County Armory listing is for an extremely rare Browning FN / Inglis Hi Power 9x19mm NATO fully transferable machine pistol.

Once of only a few known examples on the NFA registry, this model was a Form 2 Registration by Hard Times Armory (which reportedly registered less than five examples). Originally made by Canadian arms maker John Inglis (with official licensing by FN) to help fulfill the various military contracts that were awarded by FN during World War II, this model was originally part of Inglis’s Chinese contract version, as it features a tangent rear sight and was designed to use a wooden holster that could be attached to the rear of the pistol and used as a shoulder stock. The Chinese had specifically requested this design change and adaptation, as they where looking for something to replace the Mauser C96 “broom handle” pistols that were popular there, and also utilized a removable wooden stock/holster.

This transferable full-auto machine pistol is in excellent overall condition. Mechanically, this item runs flawlessly! The internal controls note only minor surface wear, and the original barrel rifling is still crisp and clean. The metalwork of the slide and frame are solid, with no cracks, dents, dings, malformations, or anything of operational concern. Cosmetically, the original finish is still in excellent condition, with only minor wear on the sharp edges, that has patinaed to an eye-pleasing metallic gray color at the contact points.  The metal of the stock-attachment area in the rear of the pistol grip is sharp, and well-defined, with limited wear noted on the edges.

This model also comes with an original, wartime-production wooden holster stock made by SA Limited (who was the original supplier of the Chinese contract stocks). This holster stock is in excellent condition, with only minor surface markings in the wood, and no cracks or any markings more than surface-deep noted. The metal lock-up mechanism is in excellent, fully-functional condition, with only very minor wear markings. The holster stock is stamped “SA.LTSD. 1944” by the attachment area and locks up very solid with little movement when installed on the machine pistol.

Interestingly enough, this model has all matching “CH” noted serial numbers (frame, slide, and barrel) indicating it was intended for the Chinese contract, however it does not have any of the Chinese characters marked on the left side of the frame by the model number,  indicating that it probably was never exported from North America and into China.

The flush-fitting magazine that is supplied with this weapon is an original magazine. It is “JI” marked on the front of the mag, also denoting production by John Inglis. Purchase of this machine pistol will also include an extended after-market 30rd magazine.

This fully transferable full-auto machine pistol is currently on a Form 3 that lists “Form 2 Registration” as the manufacturer and “HP” as the model.

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